Steve Arndt

If famed Dartmouth hockey coach Eddie Jeremiah hadn’t dropped an encouraging word in Steve Arndt�s teenage ear during the summer of 1965, Steve might not be seated here today.

He might, instead, still be in living in rural New Brighton, Minnesota, about 30 miles northwest of St. Paul.

Back at the time of their meeting, Steve was between his freshman and sophomore years at Moundsview High School and Jeremiah had brought his noted hockey school out west. Steve, a forward with great skill, had enrolled and made an impression on the legendary coach.

Steve recalls him saying, “Please keep Dartmouth in mind.”

Over the next two years, Steve had thoughts about the University of Minnesota but in the end he remembered Jeremiah’s warm urgings and sent his application off to Hanover where it was received with approval.

When he landed in town, he had never been so far east. But sadly, by that time, Jeremiah had passed on. Steve’s freshman year and his three varsity seasons-first under head coach Ab Oakes and then Grant Standbrook-were all played with his patented skill and efficiency. Well known for his humility, he refers to himself only as “a contributor” during those four years.

One of his golden memories is the victory over Cornell his senior year during the annual Dartmouth Winter Carnival. He doesn’t recall the score but he does, for certain, know the name of one of the opposing Cornell players, longtime friend and future teammate, Concord’s Gary Young.

Steve, the oldest of the six Arndt children, became a Big Green alum in the spring of 1972 and since then has been a permanent New Hampshire resident.

He also at that time immediately immersed himself in Concord’s hockey scene, joining the Concord Eastern Olympics, then playing one season with the Tri-City Coachmen before skating 19 seasons with the Concord Budmen. His total service as a regular skater with a Concord team was 22 years.

Hockey runs in the Arndt family’s blood. Currently, at age 58, Steve still plays in the Capital City Hockey (checking) League (inducted Hall of Fame ’95) with son, Dan, who played for the Naval Academy ’98. Daughter Jaime played for Dartmouth ’00. Steve’s wife, Kim, UNH ’73, was one of the first coaches of Concord High School’s girls hockey program.

Steve is a longtime ECAC and NIHOA referee, and also served the community as president of the Concord Youth Hockey Association. Twice, while coaching youth hockey teams, he went to national tournaments.

Steve Arndt – Class of 2008.

Please welcome Steve Arndt.