Rev. MSGR. J. Alpheri Lauziere

Monsignor Lauziere who’s hockey history dates back to 1914 in the state, was one of the architects of “Hockey Town USA”, the moniker given to Berlin, New Hampshire after the success of his Berlin Maroons hockey club. Described in newspaper accounts as a “cool business head.” Lauziere financed the club year after year, finding innovative ways to raise money to keep the club afloat. Under his guidance, the “Flying Frenchmen” captured four national titles, relying almost exclusively on local talent. In 1949, Lauziere and, fellow priest Fr. Omer Bousquet were cited by the AHA for their outstanding contributions to the sport of hockey. Rev. Msgr. J. Alpheri Lauziere along with Rev. Msgr. Omer Bousquet are considered to be two of the greatest pioneers of hockey in the state of New Hampshire.