‘Bud’ Luckern

His parents named him Cecil Bernard, but everyone else everywhere else called him “Bud.”

First schooled in Portland Maine, “Bud” Luckern later became a student at Portsmouth (NH) High School. He often told the story of PHS’s first and only hockey game back then which was a fight-filled affair and led to the season promptly being cancelled. “Bud” later began working high-rise construction throughout New England. In 1960, he arrived in the Capital City area, first living in Suncook, then later planting his roots in Concord. Once Everett Arena opened in 1965, it became “Bud’s” second home.

In the mid 1960s, “Bud” began coaching in the Concord Youth Hockey house league. In the winter of 1967-68, he and “Tarzan” Healy jointly began working with the first Mite travel team.
Later, “Bud” became Head Coach at Bishop Brady High School, serving two hitches over 13 years. His tenures were: 1974-75 through 1980-81; and 1985-86 through 1990-91. Craig Lawrence served as “Bud’s” Assistant Coach for all 13 years. In addition, during “Bud’s” second tenure, his middle son Tom served as an Assistant Coach.

Although Bishop Brady, year after year, had the lowest student enrollment in Division I, “Bud” was always able to get the most out of the few players who formed his teams. For that ability, he was widely known and acclaimed. Bishop Brady went to two State finals, losing in 1979 to cross-town rival Concord, 6-1; and the following year losing to Manchester Central by that identical score. Bishop Brady also played in two division semi-finals, and two quarterfinals.

“Bud’s” overall Bishop Brady record is 181 wins, 120 losses and 1 tie.

“Bud” Luckern – Class of 2007

Please welcome Cecil Luckern, accepting for his late father.