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Sanford “Sandy” Sistare

Derided and mocked, girls' hockey wasn't taken seriously in the city of Concord. Of course, that all changed when Sandy Sistare took over the girls program at St. Paul's School.The school's first girls' hockey coach, Sandy poured everything he had into the program, grooming, shaping and nurturing it into the successful ... More

Seaver Peters

The town of Melrose has long been an incubator for Massachusetts hockey talent, a quiet hamlet where a deep love for the game has always burned brightly.So, it's easy to understand why Seaver Peters, being a product of that place, has been able to make major and lasting impacts on hockey in and around Hanover, New Hampsh... More

Jeff Eisenberg

The Manchester Monarchs; The New Hampshire Legends of Hockey; Jeff Eisenberg.Those three names now are bound together, an inseparable trio, just like Athos, Porthos and Aramis.The seed of that alliance fell in fertile soil in September of 2000 when Jeff arrived in town, a full 14 months before the Monarchs debuted on ... More

Ron Peters

No doubt, Ron Peters is the only man in the room today who has safely guided 747 jets onto Logan Airport runways and then, after getting off work, hightailed it to a rink to make line changes while coaching a hockey game. Ron, for 37 years as an air traffic controller, worked first in Boston and later in southern New ... More

Gerry Grassie

Just mention Gerry Grassie's name in any New Hampshire Seacoast rink and high praise sopped with reverence will follow. His hockey achievements were many, all of them etched in granite, as durable as the man himself and the legacy he left us.Ironically, he didn't play organized hockey as a youngster. At Holy Rosary High ... More

Malcolm Kenneth Gordon

The ultimate recognition of your contributions to the hockey world is to have a rink named in your honor and to be elected to the US Hockey Hall of Fame.Malcolm Kenneth Gordon, who lived to be 96, achieved both honors.Gordon's name is on a rink at St. Paul's School in Concord, hung there posthumously in 1966. His induction ... More

Bill Antonucci

The story, so it goes, is that the young Bill Antonucci, in the early 1960s, was an enthusiastic basketball player-that is, until the day he was seen skating by Pop Whalen, Brewster Academy's legendary hockey coach. Bill, that day, had laced 'em up for a turn on the school's outdoor rink."Hey, Antonucci. Put away your ... More

Russell F. ‘Russ’ Martin

Impressive. That, in a word, best describes Russ Martin. He was a leader of men, a civic-minded citizen and an outstanding hockey player and coach.It all started at the University of New Hampshire where Russ excelled on the ice, playing three years of varsity hockey. As a captain his senior year (1937-38), he scored 39 ... More

Ralph ‘Navy’ Labnon

Every hockey player in New Hampshire knows about the Berlin Maroons. It wouldn't be that way if Navy Labnon hadn't cared so much.When the Berlin Maroons hockey team was first being organized back in the late 1930's, finances and promotion presented major problems. In addition, the young hockey club needed someone who could ... More

Leo J. Gould

Born and raised north of the border, Leo came to the United States in 1960. Not surprisingly, he brought his skates. From 1960 through 1964, Leo played with the Fitchburg Aces and the Fort Devens' team. He worked tirelessly to upgrade the latter program. By 1964, he was playing for the Manchester Alpine in the ... More