Black Ice Documentary on NESN Friday

The New England Hockey Journal will telecast the Black Ice Pond Hockey Classic documentary on NESN three times this month. 

The Black Ice Pond Hockey Association, a non-profit entity started in 2010 created this event as a way to maintain and expand ice skating opportunities for the community as well as honor the rich heritage of hockey in Concord. Over the past six years, the tournament's success allowed the association to give over $200,000 back to the community, in areas that are true to our mission. Click on the following link to read more about the 1883 Black Ice Pond Hockey Classic.

This year marked the 6th Annual Classic and was held January 29-31.  Ninety-three teams competed in 7 divisions over the three day tournament.  The documentary includes eight interviews which were done over the course of the tournament.

In addition to the Black Ice Pond Hockey Classic, the documentary will also highlight the history of hockey here in the Capital City.

NESN air dates are:
2/12 @ 8 PM
2/20 @ 2:30 PM
2/27 @ 9:30 PM

We hope you have the opportunity to watch it!


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