Annual Supporters Drive Opens

Our Annual Supporter's Drive began on October 1 and continues through September 30 next fall.

We are currently discussing with Bauer, the purchase of hockey equipment for youngsters in various areas of the state.  Our effort would be in alliance with the New Hampshire Amateur Hockey Association and will be helpful to limited-income families. A portion of this year's Supporter Drive proceeds will be utilized.

Archive Photo from December 2013.  L to R:  Steve Tempesta, President - MRYHA; Bill Houghton, MRYHA coach; Tory Mazzola, Bauer and Legends Director; Mike Williamson, MRYHA coach; Jay High, Legends Director; Brian Caldwell, MRYHA's Mite Director; and John Normand, Legends Vice President.


Joining is very easy, just fill out this form and send along with a check or log onto our website, click on the membership tab and use your credit card.  You can join annually for as little as $25 or select $50, $100 or $150 or more.  

Your commitment and the support are critical to the overall success of our Annual Supporter's Drive and help us further our mission.

Our mission is quite simple and extremely important.  We celebrate and continue to support the rich history of ice hockey in New Hampshire and the continued growth of hockey in the state.  Also, our support of youth, high school and prep school levels continues.

The New Hampshire Legends of Hockey is a self-governing non-profit corporation.  We are a 501(c)(3) organization which means we follow IRS regulations and our tax ID is 56-2421910. 

To view last year's supporter list, click here on 2015-16 list. Current supporters for the 2016-17 campaign can be viewed, click here.

On behalf of the Board of Directors we extend our profound thanks in advance. 

Featured Sponsors

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