Biography - Jock MacKenzie

Born May 11, 1925
Prince Edward Island, Canada
Inducted March 23, 2003

  • Started hockey broadcasting career with the Berlin Maroons, the fabled "Flying Frenchmen."
  • Served as the Maroons main broadcaster for 10 years while a staff member at WMOU in Berlin.
  • Advanced to WTSN in Dover where he formed the University of New Hampshire Sports Network.
  • Served as the "Voice of the UNH hockey and football for 35 years.
  • Donated the network to the university.
  • Member of both the UNH Sports Hall of Fame and the Dover Sports Hall of Fame.
  • Received the New Hampshire Sportswriters and Sportscasters Distinguished Service Award and the prestigious Profile of Service Award from UNH.
  • Retired from WTSN in 1992 after becoming a part owner.

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